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5 Rhythms – Practice

The desire of dance is our guide

The 5 Rhythms are highly effective tools for exploring yourself through movement and dance, for growing into your full creative potential.

No choreography or steps to learn – instead, we learn to listen to ourselves and to trust our body wisdom through dance, movement and breath – coming home to ourselves in the Now.

This method is designed for everybody who longs to dance and feel free, whether they are experienced dancers or beginners, whether they’ve danced openly or in their imagination. It requires a pinch of courage, a willingness to explore – you are very welcome to join.

Following the path of this simple practice can catalyze change, expand awareness, release creativity, activate healing and be deeply transformative. We all have a dancer within us and the map of this work will inspire the endless possibilities and the ever growing potential to express this.

The 5 different rhythms: Flowing, Stacccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness- work in a sequence as a dynamic wave of energy. A wave - approaching, rising, breaking at its peak, dropping (expanding) and finally finding its ending in calmness.

Each rhythm has its own language and can be a teacher. Often we favour one rhythm over another – mostly we discover the most fascinating insights where we don´t feel at „home“.


FLOWING is the first rhythm. Allowing our body to receive, being soft and gentle with ourselves through continuous fluid movements. Through our feet, we connect to the earth, bringing our awareness fully into our bodies. We re-learn to trust our intuition.




Having listened sufficiently to our female energy in Flowing there is a natural progression to expressing ourselves. STACCATO connects us to the heart and the beat, we discover how to step out into the world. Our male energy allows us to practice clarity, bounderies and expression. Percussive, directional, focused movement.





 CHAOS unifies the opposite rhythms of Flowing and Staccato. Forms and shapes melt or disolve, our movements become chaotic, unpredictable. The rhythm reaches its peak as we let our bodies surrender, release and let go of the mind's hold over the body. We let go of that which we can’t control.




LYRICAL - The place we land after we've danced ourselves empty from Chaos - the sun breaks through: lightening up, spreading our wings... We move with lightness, spontaneity, with a playful and joyful expression of our true creative self.




STILLNESS – we connect to the peaceful place inside of us while in motion, we reconnect to our inner source, meet that which is bigger than us. We move with a presence and grace, full breath and fully embodied - drawing on a deep gratitude that the miracle of living bestows on us - we've arrived home, are complete.




Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth—not some big truth that belongs to everybody, but the get down and personal kind, the what's-happening-in-me-right-now kind of truth. (Gabrielle Roth)

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